Here's what you'll need for your favourite classes:

  • All classes - barefoot is encouraged, exercise mat, water & a smile!

  • Essentrics - sturdy chair, stretchy band or yoga strap & a small towel

  • Barre - sturdy chair, hand weights & a small, inflatable pilates ball

  • Yoga - strap, block & a towel or blanket

  • Dynamic Strength - small, inflatable pilates ball, gliding disks & a stretchy band

  • Active Aging - sturdy chair, hand weights, stretchy band, small, inflatable pilates ball & a tennis ball 

  • Slo-Mo, Renew & Restore -  a firm pillow or cushion, yoga block, strap, a blanket or two & on occasion we'll use a chair

  • Meditation, Nidra - have a few items to keep you comfy, such as a blanket or two, a firm pillow for behind your knees & perhaps something light to cover the eyes

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