In Person Classes

 Classes begin September 12!

Let's workout together! Join Anna for movement, fitness and fun.



Strengthen & tone

Feel great in your body!

Strangway Centre, Sarnia




'Aging Backwards'

An age reversing workout to ​renew & restore the body

Strangway Centre, Sarnia


Frequently asked questions:

Q: Do I need any equipment?
A: A-Ha's workouts are done barefoot to stimulate the balance reflexes and strengthen the feet and ankles, so having a yoga mat is the primary piece of required equipment.  
The use of other equipment will vary for each class and will either be provided by the host facility, or by Anna.

Q: I'm not very active or flexible. Are there any class options for me?
A: Yes! Anna offers many options and variations for every workout.. Because she 
promotes meeting individuals where they are at, she has a class for everyone where they can begin feeling into their potential. 

Q: How do I know which class is best-suited for my goals?
A:  Each class offers its' own benefits and outcomes. Essentrics is a well-rounded option for all levels, Fusion Fitness offers achievable and challenging combinations of balance, core and strength, while Embodied yoga is very accessible and is a great entry into gentle body awareness.

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