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Classes for total fitness

Strength, flexibility and a balanced mind: these are the goals of 

Aha Body & Mind and qualities of healthy aging.

Invest in yourself with workouts that meet these goals and keep you moving forward, boosting your whole being with vitality!


Maintaining muscle strength is top priority as we age. Keep active, move and work the heart muscle too, in classes that promote both muscular and cardiovascular health. 


It feels great to move with ease. Keeping our muscles supple and pliable supports joint health, for a well-balanced body. Aches and pains will be kept at bay with classes that promote moving well.


Balance is both a physical and mental practice. Improving both increases our awareness of body and mind, for greater confidence in movement and in life, after the workout.

Workouts to satisfy your whole being.

Classes to keep you STRONG:

Try the following class options to improve strength:

  • Pumped Up Strength

  • Fusion

  • Essentrics

  • Dynamic Pilates

Classes to keep you FLEXIBLE:

Try the following class options to improve flexibility:

  • Essentrics

  • Aging Backwards

  • Dynamic Pilates

  • Balanced Yoga

Classes to keep you BALANCED:

Try the following classes out to maintain physical and mental balance:

  • Balletone for physical balance

  • Balanced Yoga for Body & Mind

  • Self Care Yoga for Stress Relief

  • Slo-Mo Mindful Movement for Inner Awareness

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