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About Aha & Anna

I’ve spent my life exploring dynamic activity and enjoying the benefits that come with it. Athletics, dance and 20+ years of yoga practice have given me strength of body and clarity of mind, balanced with inner awareness. This has deeply influenced my approach to teaching.  My own aha moments of realizing the potential of movement to positively impact our lives inspired me to create Aha Body & Mind.

It gives me great satisfaction to teach what has worked for me. I lead all my classes with knowledge, fun and energy, and encourage my students to experience their own strengths, reach their potential, and find their aha moments.

With nearly 2000 teaching hours based on 700+ professional learning hours in numerous fields, I lead with confidence and credibility.  

Got questions?Please email me  and I can help guide to to which class is best- suited for you.

What students have to say:

"Anna armed me with a strong base of information for what it takes to not only be physically fit, but mentally strong."



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