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Fusion Fitness

For a diverse & invigorating

Are you looking for barefoot & sweaty fitness fun?Hello Fusion!

Every class offers a variety of movement patterns to deliver effective training for: strength, balance and core work. Taking influence from many modalities, this class gives you a chance to feel your power, build your strength & boost adrenaline--all non-impact! I offer many modifications along the way, so all levels of fitness can safely achieve their best:)

In a Fusion class, you'll feel vitality through movement and tap into your own level of potential strength! Whoop!Whoop!

What you may need to have at class:

Depending on the theme of class, the use of equipment will vary. Fusion Fitness is done mostly using our own bodyweight. Sometimes however, we'll use a squishy pilates ball, hand weights and a stretchy resistance band. Occasionally, we'll use a chair. These optional additions are to add dimension to your workout and not required for participation.

Have questions?Please email me  and I can help guide to to which class is best- suited for you.

Why fellow students love Fusion:

"Great! This is the first Fusion class that I have done. Excellent non-impact overall workout."


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