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Balanced Yoga &
Self- Care Yoga

For life, off the mat

This is yoga, redefined.

I teach yoga classes from the perspective of practicing living more fully and embodying awareness in ourselves. So, off the mat and in our daily lives, we are more present with others. 

These classes are designed to experience the balance between moving the physical body and becoming more aware of our powerful energetic realm within. I always lead with trauma- awareness and offer familiar, accessible shapes and positions, with soothing techniques to unwind our 'inner' knots. 


Taught from a holistic perspective, for complete wellness of body & mind, my hybrid teachings are accessible for most and take from Hatha-Vinyasa, Somatics, with sprinklings of science-backed techniques and ancient yogic tradition. Melding these various techniques, together we'll move, breathe and become calm, resilient and empowered.

Creating an opportunity and space to practice transformational healing skills, we'll strengthen our inner resilience with movement and stillness.  For when life turns us around, we can call on our inner strength to rise above obstacles ,thrive and live our yoga practice.

What you may need to have at class:

Depending on the theme of class, the use of equipment will vary. We'll often use a yoga block, strap and a blanket. Occasionally, we'll use a chair. These optional additions are to add dimension to your yoga practice and not required for participation.

Have questions?Please email me  and I can help guide to to which class is best- suited for you.

Why fellow students love Embodied Yoga:

"This is exactly what I need to calm my mind down and just be in my body.  It's helped me become more in touch with myself and understand who I'm destined to be."



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