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The Path to success starts with the letter 'P'!

Last month’s post talked about how both repetition and change are necessary for increasing performance in our workouts. This post expands on that concept with further training variables to optimize performance and prevent overtraining. But first, a host of “P’s” that lay the foundation.

When we first try a new workout, our bodies are learning new patterns. This step prepares us to physically and mentally anticipate what’s to come. When we return to that same workout, we’re at the practice phase, where awkward bumps begin to smooth out and our bodies have a better sense of sequencing, choreography and intensity. Finally, when we’ve run through a workout or class a number of times, we develop the mastery to perform it. This is the phase where moving and sweating become fun and we look forward to revisiting it again. 

It’s here that our workouts become purposeful. Not only are we able to anticipate what comes next, but we notice improvements in strength, mobility, balance and flexibility. 

However, with long term repetition in our fitness choices, we run the risk of plateauing and losing momentum. This is where changing things up can keep your body responsive through progressive overload. It’s a fancy phrase that refers to mixing things up to increase the body’s load, in order to progress past the plateau and into the next level of learning.

There are many ways to play with progressive overload: increase intensity, repetitions or weight; decrease time between exercise sessions or sets and my faves – introduce combo moves, balance work and explore more time under tension and range of motion. All of these tools for growth are offered in Aha’s lineup of classes to diversify your exercise routine and challenge you in a fun way.

Exercise science offers us these many P’s, but I offer my top three for success: patience, persistence and play

Put into practice to perfect your power!

With 20 new additions and nearly 140 class choices, there's something for everyone !

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