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Be a Boss

You are smart and busy, so I’ll keep this month’s post short and sweet.

Six years ago I was recovering from knee surgery that stopped me in my tracks. Recalling this time brings back how the grinding halt of post-op felt: weak, immobile, anxious about a slow healing progress and setbacks from overdoing it. That was my mindset for the summer of 2017. I was wrapped up in fear that my body would fail me and I’d never return to the level of strength I had enjoyed prior to surgery. Fear has a way of getting into the nooks and crannies when we’re vulnerable and I took the bait.

One day though, my slow, old dog took me for a little, wobbly walk down the driveway and things changed. A shift in perspective woke me up from fear and I trusted the words that everyone had been telling me all along– that soon it would be behind me and I’d be back to my old self, feeling energetic and moving freely and happily. I changed my mind for the better and instead of forcing my body back, I stuck to my prescripted rehab program, and became aware of micro improvements and successes. I became the boss of my healing.

There’s a chance you may share this story of coming back from injury or surgery, but with 100% certainty we have this in common: time, gravity and hormonal changes affect how our bodies respond to physical demands. Our bodies are designed to work for us for our entire lives. Just as a successful business has a great leader, our bodies need that same guidance to meet those demands. If we apply this concept to our fitness and exercise, as we age, how we move to maintain vitality needs to be tweaked for success and higher rates of return on investment (ROI). Being your own fitness CEO brings awareness to working efficiently, as key to profitability. Doing fewer but higher-quality workouts offers greater ROI with faster results, all the while feeling stronger, more energetic and having fun with movement.

Before claiming the corner office, how about answering these three questions about becoming the CEO of your body's exercise goals?

  1. What’s needed for success? Here are some: motivation, a plan, optimism, watching what your body needs

  2. What department needs downsizing? Make changes where needed and let go of what isn’t profiting your business. No hard feelings, moving forward means letting go.

  3. Why have an office party? Celebrate advancements and achievements. Fun is key to success. Fun feeds motivation. Motivation transforms into profit.

Great news! You passed the test! Now go claim that corner office. And, oh, take the stairs.

If you are in the Sarnia area, will you join me this summer for two new offerings? Friday mornings in July we’re outside for a variety of weekly workouts. August offers a collection of short, sweet and effective on-demand workouts to keep your routine fresh and fun.

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