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Finding the spring in our step to jump with joy!

It’s March and it’s springtime! With winter shedding its layers and new beginnings popping up around our yards and parks, what a great month to practice awareness of our feet. Let’s put a spring in our step!

Because it has never been proven possible to separate mind from body or body from mind, we can assume that everything (this being thoughts, experiences, feelings and physical sensations) is connected. How our ‘everything’ is lived by us and is played out in our beliefs and actions will be experienced by the body. The intertwined influence of these factors can become represented equally physically and mentally i.e. by how we hold and move ourselves as well as how flexible and open our mindset is.

Master Rolfer and bodyworker, Noah Karrasch sees the purpose of the feet to be both our foundation and the compass points of our direction. Corresponding with the feet, the ankles, are representations of flexibility and moving forward in life. From his book, Freeing emotions and energy through myofascial release, he says,” the ankles should be hinged, joyous and vigorous”! Wow! Sounds fun doesn’t it?

Now, you might be wondering what’s with the highly-scientific map with funny names and blobs? I say, “Welcome to a cross-section of your right lower leg!” Isn’t she pretty?

When looking at our own lower leg, we notice our hard shinbone in front and the calf in the back. But in this diagram, it's apparent how much more is packed into that section of the body. Some muscles travel upward and affect how the thigh and knee moves, but for the most part, the bulk of these muscles affect how we step, balance, move our ankles and move our toes.

Speaking of toes, they’re our springers! Just like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, our ten little Tigger tails help to power our stride and move us forward. If we play with movement and strengthening of the feet, toes, ankles and calves, our gait will improve, we’ll feel lighter and more energetic and maybe even a bit bouncier. Just don’t bounce into your best friend! :)

So, start your springtime with motivated and joyous feet, moving forward with enthusiasm! And have a go with my 10-minute ankle workout/experiment. Feel for yourself how freeing up the ankle will bring spring into your step so you can jump with joy!

From the toes and the soles of the feet, upward through the legs, and into our mindset, again we have an example of how everything is connected. If we can stand tall and comfortably, we’ll likely move better and feel better. Check out this fun fact about the mindbody connection to the ankle.

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