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The News

We have approximately 600 muscles in our bodies and together they team up as one dynamic news team. Each has a specific role to play and together “The Daily Body" news gets reported with amazing accuracy and efficiency – just as from a buzzing newsroom. 

Our bodies are designed to respond to lifestyle, environmental and physical demands. They are programmed to reflect these influences and our muscular news reporters give us the story each day, as revealed in how energetic, strong and resilient we feel.

Scientifically, this analogy is pretty accurate. Just as a newsroom is dynamic and changing daily, we too live this pattern. However, we may not pay attention to the news and notice the changes to how we feel until after a much longer period of time. Before long, we realize that the energy and ease we felt a few years ago has changed. 

Let’s take the newsroom analogy a step further. If our lifestyle has become too comfy or we’ve stepped away from an exercise routine, our reporters consider this a slow-news day and sit at their desks, bored and twirling pencils, waiting for something hot to land on their desks. By deadline, the only thing they have to offer is a dull recount of the day’s events. 

If this becomes a pattern, managers send a message to head office announcing that layoffs are imminent. However, if these reporters show a bit more get-up-and-go, they get their jobs back, and are called into the office to fire up their computers to start creating interesting content again.

We’re programmed at the cellular level to adapt to circumstances. Our cells can replicate for more strength and energy. This cellular replication is like the big printing press, making more copies of energetically-charged good news stories versus flyers that are tossed into the recycle bin. On the other hand, without stimulation, we might let those cells wither away and as we age the dying-off process accelerates exponentially.

But breaking news: we can manage this. Keeping movement fresh, fun and challenging presents each cell in our bodies with a chance to make news from the “Daily Body” interesting. Keep your printing press of energy rolling with diverse movement stories and watch yourself build into an adaptable and resilient body of work, full of energy, strength and confidence!

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May 01

Hey Anna, that is an awesome analogy. Got lots of helpful information.


May 01

Great Post!

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