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What my Mama taught me:

When I was young and first saw this photo, of my Mommy holding me as a newborn, I thought she was the most beautiful lady in the whole. Entire. World. Ok, maybe I thought I was pretty cute, but what I saw was my Ma out shining, with her innocent beauty.

At that time, my older sisters would be busy little girls and needing just as much, but different attention. And yet, with barely a hint of sleep- deprived eyes, her hair is brushed and gorgeous!

My little girl eyes still see her as the world's most beautiful, but at this stage in my life, I now know her inner strength is her beauty and what radiantly shines through to today. It’s that strength, along with many characteristics that led me and my sisters to grow into who we are as adults.

Here are a few valuable things my Mama taught me:

  • Many things can be processed, creatively explored and sometimes remedied with a good, brisk walk

  • Minty gum is tops

  • The best place to read the newspaper is on the floor, after supper, with a good cup of coffee in one hand and a warm doggy next to you

  • Work diligently toward goals, bit by bit, with persistence and celebrate the wins

  • Sparkling water is actually refreshing

  • Situations that present as problems are usually opportunities to grow

  • Every girl should have a classy string of pearls

  • Enjoy the making and tasting of food

  • Give and receive compliments with enthusiasm

  • Put on some lipstick before you leave the house

  • There’s always room to improve

  • You know spring has arrived when you can just wear running shoes and head outside to hunt for the first tulips coming up for the season

  • Learning to make homemade ‘everything’ is both satisfying and important for independence

  • Art is important and artists are special people

  • Choose a life partner who respects their own Mama

  • Be proud of uniqueness

  • Being serious is overrated, overused and boring. Keep lightness and a touch of goofiness in yourself and your relationships

  • Use your imagination a lot

  • Always have something to look forward to

…and I look forward to seeing you at our next class!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful Mamas! And for those who are not blessed with stretch marks and memories of labour, I hope your day is just as great:)

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The News


May 14, 2023

Love this! So sweet and great reminders. ♥️


Sep 29, 2022

I love this post Anna. Read it when first posted and now again. The love shines through. ❤️😊

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