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Vitality through movement. Movement for life.

Options to suit your needs

Aha offers classes for your whole being. Choose from a range of options that match your current wellness level and workout preference.  

Ranging from active to slow, all classes focus on
self-awareness for lifelong wellness.



energized & empowered

Class Descriptions: Our Therapies

Experience the benefits of movement-focused classes that incorporate non-impact cardio, muscle toning, balance and flexibility. Some classes are dynamic and invigorating, others are at a slower pace. Still others move from action through to meditation. 

Fusion Fitness

Enjoy a movement buffet! Elements from favourite fitness routines, pilates, barre and yoga are all rolled into a fun mix. This is a dynamic, non-impact, full-body workout designed to challenge your muscles, raise your heart rate and improve balance and strength.



aware & calm

Class Descriptions: Our Therapies

Enjoy a greater sense of calm and wellbeing with classes that focus on mindfulness, sensation and relaxation.

Slo -Mo Mindful Movement

Experience the benefits of a refreshed body and calm mind. This class is great for days when anxiety, the blues or a racing mind are on the front burner. Drawing on the wisdom of ancient yogis, this slow-paced class incorporates sequences of gentle yoga poses and somatic movement that allow the nervous system to heal and the body to feel greater ease. No previous yoga experience is required.

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